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Verity Screening Solutions

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Screening Needs for Global Companies

Industries We Service

•Financial Services
•Water and Sanitation
•Health Care
•Information Technology
•Youth Sports
•Church Organizations


Located in Denver, Colorado, Verity Screening Solutions is an internet-based global background screening company launched in 2004 to deliver employers effective, customer-focused employment screening solutions. Verity was founded by a top management team with expertise in human resources, staffing, general administration, employment screening, telecommunication and internet industries. Our accomplished staff has over 20 years of combined experience in the employment screening, human resource and internet businesses.

Our services provide the due diligence and security your firm will need to ensure success for your employment screening needs. We know lack of thorough pre-employment screening can expose your company to legal liability, loss of customers, and loss of productivity; therefore, our focus is entirely on employment screening. The result?---Superior state of the art technology and a drive to offer the best pre-employment and background screening solutions in the industry.

Turnaround Time

We provide accurate information quickly. Many searches yield instant results! With our state-of-the-art system and network of nationwide researchers, most criminal searches are complete within 24-48 hours.


You have access to your secured account online, anytime, anywhere. Results can be delivered online, via email or fax.

Affordable Screening

There are no hidden charges, monthly fees or set up fees. There is no software to install or licensing fees. Our pricing is competitive, due to our nationwide network and volume pricing.

Tailored Solutions

We can customize our system to meet your needs. We have designed delivery systems for Fortune 500 companies which link corporate offices to field operations allowing for information sharing. Our professionals can help you decide on the appropriate searches to run for your employees.

Monthly Invoicing

You will receive an itemized statement monthly for easy record keeping. Payment is due on net 30-day terms.

Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)

Verity is FCRA compliant, so you can be confident in your hiring decisions.

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Fair Credit Reporting Act