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Verity Screening Solutions

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Background Screening Services

Pre-employment screening services

Fair Credit Reporting Act

Verity Employee Screening

Criminal Records


The information on criminal records is obtained by a court researcher visiting the courthouse within the county or state that is requested, unless direct connection to the courthouse via modem/Internet is established. The search is conducted per name, per county and will obtain felony records and includes misdemeanor records when they are available.

Education Verification

•Dates of Enrollment
•Major/Degrees Received
•Grade Point Average
•Professional Certification

Verification will be obtained through the educational institution(s) listed. If the applicant is a current student, planned completion, credits earned, and student status will be obtained. Transcripts can be obtained for an additional fee.

Complete Name, A.K.A.'s, Maiden Name, Social Security Number, School Name and City/State are required to obtain this report.

Drug Screening

Convenient collection and laboratory sites are located throughout the United States making our service ideal for local, regional, or national companies. Services available include customized policy development and training, customized forms, all types of drug testing, Medical Review Officer, coordination of pre-employment and random employee drug testing.

SSN Verification

Past Address History SSN

•People Associated with SSN
•Provide A.K.A.'s
•Provide Current and Past Addresses

This information is received through online contact with a National Credit Bureau, who updates their records through the Social Security Administration. the information will confirm the following: the name associated with the social security number supplied, and will notify of any fraudulent use.

Driver History

•Traffic Violations •Driving Related Offenses
•Type of License
•Any Restrictions, Suspensions, or Revocations

This is a statewide search with all information obtained directly from the state of issuance. This search will reveal the applicants 3 to 7 year driving history. A driver's license number, full name, and in some states, date of birth are required to obtain motor vehicle records.

Professional License

Validates professional licenses for educators, CPA's, attorneys, medical professionals and any other licensed employee. Results will include license type, date and state of issuance, expiration date and restrictions.


Immigration Status solution that will economically streamline the verification process and get your new employees into your workplace all the faster.

Verifies the accuracy of Social Security Numbers, Immigration "A" numbers, and I-94 arrival/departure numbers and obtains employees' legal right to work status with a DHS-issued verification number.

Credit Reports

•Financial Background
•May provide Present and Past Address
•May Provide Current and Past Employers
•May Provide A.K.A.'s
•Verifies the Users of the S.S.N.

This information is received through an online connection with a National Credit Bureau. The credit bureau verifies Social Security Number information through the Social Security Administration. The SSN will be verified along with the presence of bankruptcies, judgments, foreclosures or collection items, and the minimum and maximum range of credit reported from the credit accounts the person holds.

Employment Verification

•Verify Present or Past Employment
•Position(s) Held
•Dates of Employment
•Confirmation of Specific Job Duties
•Eligibility for Re-Hire
•Overall Job Performance

This information will be obtained through a phone interview with the applicant's former supervisor or personnel department. The present/current employer will be contacted only if approval is granted by the applicant. A custom questionnaire may be used to meet the client's specific needs.

Wants & Warrants

Reports on active wants and warrants information compiled by the nationwide repository entered as felony or serious misdemeanor offenses as defined by the issuing agency. These reports can be obtained from a nationwide search for more serious crimes or at the county level for lesser crimes.

Federal Criminal

The information on federal criminal records is obtained via electronic access to Federal Judicial District courthouse within the district and state that is requested. The search is conducted per name, per district and will obtain criminal, civil, and bankruptcy records.

Workers Compensation

This search is helpful in identifying fraudulent Claims by an employee as to previous workplace Injuries. Some states require a signed release Form and notarize.

Civil Records

Identifies non-criminal lawsuits filed by or against an employee or company at the county level in either upper or lower courts, as determined by monetary value set by the state and/or county.

Verity Services

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